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The Family History Webpage 

of Greg Green

Last Update: February 10, 2006


This web site is devoted to the genealogy of my children. I hope one day they can look at these pages and know where they came from. I research the Pickle, Ray, Green, Shewbart, Weeks, and Stanford families. The Pickle, Ray, Stanford, and Weeks families are found primarily in Lamar County, Alabama and Monroe County, Mississippi. The Shewbarts and there allies are concentrated in Franklin and Colbert County, Alabama. Finally the Green research is centered in Lawrence County, Tennessee and Lauderdale County, Alabama. 


Important Information

 If you came here looking for the  Berry College Second Ed.S. Cohort Alumni Webpage you are still in the right place. You will need to click on the link above to get there. After several years of posting my genealogy webpage at Geocities we have come to a parting of the waters. It is my intention to maintain the page as long as some folks are using it. Hopefully, I will be able to locate some space where I can put this information. I would love to hear from ya'll.

If you came here from Geocities looking for the new home of my genealogical information, then bookmark and revisit often. I plan to update files as I move them here. For folks that just stumble in below you will find my introduction. I suggest that you still check out my Geocities website to find out what this webpage is all about. The address is: (Note: Apparently Tripod will not allow this link to work -- so highlight, cut and paste and you should get there.


New Construction

2/4/06: Changed the color of the Gedcom page so that it can be seen.

2/5/06: Started Uploading Family Files: Added the families of Jacob Pickle, John Ray, and Thomas Blaylock. See Family Information.

2/5/06: Changed the look of the index page.

2/6/06: Uploaded a short history of Pikeville, Marion County, Alabama and a revised version of the history of the Byler Road.

2/8/06: Started to upload Pickle Census Data. Data presently online is from the 1790 and 1800 Census.

2/9/06: Uploaded Voices of the Past. This seems to be a popluar collection of letters from members of the Pickle family that moved to Utah to their "connections" on Bull Mountain in Marion County, Alabama. I also uploaded a 2002 research brief about Catherine Berry.

2/10/06: Uploaded two more family files: Green and Shewbart

Family Information  

GenCircles: Gedcoms - This files are in need of updating. However, if you want to search one of the my families this website offers that ability to do that.

Family Files: In the box below there are links to the family files of patriarch of the various families that I research. The data that is  collected in Family Tree Maker (Old Version) represents the work of a whole lot of people. I try to give credit to all that I have collaborated with through the years. By all means, I do not profess to gathering all of this work by myself. I also do not think in anyway any of the files are the last word on the genealogy of the particular family. Additions and corrections are always welcomed.

Jacob Pickle Unknown Green  
John Ray Unknown Shewbart  
Thomas Blaylock    

Pickle Census Data

Catherine Berry - Wife of Jacob Pickle

Historical Information

Pikeville: This is a frames page with some information about Pikeville, Alabama. Pikeville plays an important role in the history of the Marion County region. The only problem is I cannot figure out how to put a back button on this page, so use your browser back button to get back to the index. 

Byler Road: This was an important road in the west Alabama region in the early 1800's. 

Voices of the Past

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