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Note: The following is brief written by  Kathi Wilcox from a tremendous number of primary sources. I personally think this is the closest to Jacob Pickle's life that anybody that I know of has gotten.  From my own stand point,  I plan to turn toward the Berry family as a source of information on our elusive Jacob Pickle. Greg 2/5/2002

Catherine was born about 1785. It is not known where. We know she died after the 1870 because she is listed in the 1870 census as 84 years of age. We have a document of her marriage to Jacob Pickle is misspelled on the documents as Jacob (Tickle) Date of marriage is 2 Feb. 1802. Jacob purchased land in Attala County, Mississippi. The consensus is they are both thought to have lived out their lives and were buried there.

Fact #1. Catherine is listed on the Family Group Sheet left by my grandfather, James Napoleon Pickle, as Catherine Berry.

Fact #2. Documentation: Orange County Marriage Bonds. Several different copies of the marriage. Catherine Berry marries Jacob Tickle: (misspelled for Pickle) with his mark, indicating that he was unable to read or write, or the person recording did not hear correctly. Another possibility of the mistake may have been in transcribing the document, a "T" may have been mistaken for a "P". At any rate the marriage date is one year prior to the birth of their first child, Mary in 1803. The bondsman for the marriage is Jacob Waggoner. The Waggoner Family members keep showing up on documents with the Pickle's and other people believed to be living with this group of settlers. Robert Pickle, first son of Jacob & Catherine, marries Sarah Aldridge. Sarah's mother is Judith (Waggoner) Aldridge.

                                                 F: Jacob Pickle                                Mar: 20 Feb 1802

Robert Pickle                                                 M: Catherine Berry                        Bondsmen: Jacob Waggenor

Mar; Sarah Aldridge                                   F: Peter Aldridge                           Mar: 21 Sept 1824

                                                                          M: Judith Waggoner                     Bondsmen: Robert Berry

Fact # 3 The naming of Jacob and Catherine's children. This couple named their first daughter, Mary I think this is the name of Catherine's mother. The couple name their first son, Robert and the next son Henry. The male names are thought to be the names of both fathers of this couple.

Fact #4 In researching the area of Orange County, N.C. during the period between the birth of Catherine and her marriage in 1802, we find several Berry families. We have located three Robert Berry's listed as follows:

Robert Berry who married Elizabeth Cates. This Robert is thought to be known as Robert Berry Sr. as indicated in some of the documents.

Robert Berry who married Sally Cates 12 Aug 1799. Marriage date eliminates this couple. Unless, this is a second marriage for Robert.

Robert Berry who married Mary Kemp. This Robert is thought to be known as Robert Berry Jr, as shown in some of the documents. Mary is listed as deceased in 1814 Will of Robert Berry Sr.

Fact #5 Family Group Sheet for Robert Berry Sr. married to Elizabeth Cates.

Fact #6 Robert Berry is bondsman for the marriage of Peter Aldridge and Judith Waggoner 4 Feb 1786

Fact #7 Robert Berry Sr.'s Will dated 16 Apri11812, proved Augusta Court 1814, lists a Robert Berry as a son, possibly Robert Berry Jr. Father to Catherine.

Fact #8 Orange County Taxpayers Lists both Robert Berry Sr 1785 to 1792 & Robert Berry Jr 1786 to 1792, as tax payers in the Orange County.

Fact # 9 The 1800 Census Catherine would have been 15 to 16 years old in 1800. The 1800 census list six different Berry families in the area at that time. William, Thomas, Robert Sr., Robert Jr., Joshua, and David. The only females in this group at the appropriate age would be in the Robert Berry Jr. Family. He has one in the 10-16 and one in the 16-26. Catherine would have been the oldest or next to the oldest with seven other siblings.

Fact #10 Picture identified with Berry name. Included in a trunk passed down to myself Kathi Pickle Wilcox, from my grandfather to my aunt, and then to me is a tin type picture, identified with the following statement. "Jacob Pickle G. Grandfather of James Napoleon Pickle with wife Catherine Berry"

Conclusion: I feel the evidence strongly points to Catherine being a Berry. Women at this time were not listed in documents as much as the men and it is rare when we can identify women within this time period. The most convincing evidence for me, comes from my grandfather who identified her in his research as Catherine Berry. From that information I have located other documents which could or could not pertain to her actual family but are great possibilities. My next step in the research is to contact people with knowledge of the Berry lines and see if we can find the pieces of the puzzle, linking these people and actually identifying Catherine with her family.