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Transcribed by Kathy Wilcox 

Annotated by Greg Green

From: William Young , son of Elizabeth Pickle Young 

To: Thomas Pickle

February 8, 1882


Brawley Po Scott Co Ark Feb 8 1882

Mr Tome Pickle Dear uncle I take the plesure trying to write you few lines for the first time in life this laves me well and hope thos few lines will go safe to hand in due time and find you all well. I have no news to write times dull here. I can not tell you mutch bout our connection. I live five hundred miles West of tham ner the Indian tertory. Uncle marting writter1 and uncle Jo2 and Wesley Pickle3 lives 25 miles. Thar was all well the last time I heard from tham I hav bin here 3 years last January is I am ramling about I will ask you for information I want you to write to me how times ar thare. How the condition of the country is in and all th eperticular bout that country and let me no is qick is possible. So I can make redy for I guess _______ Travel this fall I would like to here from that country please tell me all bout it. Our family is all married except Susan & I even Ma is married4 . Grandpa is dead he has bin dead soon will be year. Suppose you hav head of his death. Tell uncle Tom and Aunt Bettey Lowry5 to write to me for I would lik to here from tham ever occasion tho. Guess you all hav forgoting me but I hav not forgoting you all. I would lik to see you all varry well tho I am denied of that pleasure. I went back to Ala last winter on visit but did not stay longe that country look varry bad. So I will close hopeing to here from you soon. Write to William Young

My grandmother writes on the letter that he did come to this country.


1 This is Martin Ritter - married Toms sister Catherine or Cass

2 I think this is Jerome Pickle - brother to Tom Pickle

3 This is Wesley G. Pickle - another brother of Tom Pickle ( Sam Pickles ancestor)

4 In this passage I think he is speaking of Mary Pickles marriage to William Hamilton after the death of first husband A.B. Young. The second marriage came in 1875. Mary married A.B. Young in 1852. According to Mary's obit they had 2 boys and 2 girls. I would be will to bet that this William Young is one of these boys

5 I would bet that this is Elizabeth Pickle and Tom Lowry