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Pickle-Lowry Collection


From Sidney Irvin

To Hopey Lowry

December 5, 1887


                                                                                                                             Quincy, Miss.

                                                                                                                                          Dec 5th 1887                          

Mrs. Hopa Lowry [1]

Dear Sister

After a long delay I will write you a few lines in answer to yours of sept 12. I was glad to hear from you but sorry your health as well as my own is not good. This leaves us all well except my self. I am still very feeble not able to be up much of the time. Well Hopa Sopha [2] is at our house now on a visit. Her and one of Pollys boys have been with us about 10 days but they are going home in a few days. Well Hopa we have a new R.R. now which runs 3 miles south of our house. I think you could come to see us now if you would try as you can come so close on the train. Well Hopa Lige [3] came up a few weeks a go and staid two days with us two days. They are all well except his wife she is still puny [4] . Liges Bob [5] came up and staid two days with us. I told them about your letter. Mary an [6] says she has not got a letter from you in two or three years. Maryans Ader is married. [7] She married a man by the name of Brown. Maryans Thomais child died last Sunday. [8] Tell Tom Pickle his folks are all well and ask them why they stoped writing me. I want to tell all the connections to write me. Polina Ray. [9]   has come to day to stay with me a few days as George and Sopha is going home. [10]   I supose you have heard about Sister Polly being dead. [11]   Pleas tell me why Tom Lowry has not answered my letter. Suffronia says tell Tom she is still looking for them pictures. So I will close by saying write soon. . [12]

Sidney Irvin to Hopa Lowry

[1] Hopie or Hopey Lowry was born April 8, 1814. She was the daughter of Thomas Towry and Elizabeth Burke. She married Robert Lowry. The author of this letter was her sister Sidney Irvin. Sidney was the wife of Thomas Irvin.  Sidney’s spelling of Hopie’s name appears as it does in this salutation.

[2] It is not clear who this person is. She is referred to again later in this letter in association with a George.

[3] . Somebody, apparently at a later date, penciled in on the letter that Lige was a brother to Sarah Pickle. I believe that this is Elijah Vespucious Lowery. Elijah was the sixth child of Hopie and Robert Elkins Lowery.

[4] Elijah’s wife was Elizabeth “Betty” Pennington.

[5] I am not sure who this is. It is possibly another child of Hopie and Robert Lowery.

[6] This is thought to be Sidney’s daughter Mary Ann Irvin. Mary Ann marrie John Thomas Ray, son of John Ray and Susan Berry.

[7] Sidney is referring to Ada Ray. Ada, the daughter of Mary Ann Irvin and John Thomas Ray, married Samuel Porter”Bud” Brown.

[8] It is not clear who Sidney is referring to.

[9] It is not clear who Sidney is referring to.

[10] It is not clear who Sidney is referring to.

[11] It is not clear who Sidney is referring to.

[12] It is not clear who Sidney is referring to.

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