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Pickle-Lowry Collection

Document #55 Letter

 From Sarah Stone To Sarah Pickle

November 23, 1894

Transcribed and Annotated by Greg Green

Shottsville, Ala November the 23 1894

Mrs Sarah Pickle

Dear sister and family

I seat my self to answer your kind letter received some time ago. We are all well at ______ 1that is what is at home. Curry is gone to Amory with to bales of cotton2. He was well when he left home. I hope this lines will come safe to hand and find you well and enjoying the pleasures of life. Well Sarah ____ aute to know how I enjoyed the 4 of July. It has been so long I have all most forgot how I did enjoy my self. I was falowing my garden and I have got a nice garden of collerds now. Sarah you wanted to know which the seeds wer that I sent you. I guess you can tell at this time they wer collerd seeds. Sarah we have made a good crop this year. Weve made 375 bushels of corn and 3 bales of cotton or more. Weve not got our cotton all out yet. We made 50 bushels of potatoes. Cotton is cheap now_________________ to four 75 1/2 is the best of cotton. Corn is 85 cts per bushel. Flour is best. 275 per barrel. ______ 7 cts per pound. Coffee 5 pounds the dollar. Peas 50 cts per bushel. Sarah I have made 34 yds of cloth since the 22 of August. I have still got your mothers wheel a spinning on it.3 Yet it spins verry well. Well Sarah the reason I have not writen sooner to you I was waiting to get a letter from mothers folks before I wrote and before I heard from them the girls all married and I had no one to write for me4. Irenia married the 22 of August.5 Tryforcia has been married sometime.6 She has been married a little over three years. She has got to children a boy and a girl. Sarah I heard from mother about a month ago. She was just able to go to the table to eat.7 Sarah I want you to write me the where a bouts of T. A. Lowry.8 Is he living in the City now at his old home. If he is not write me his post office address. Well I will close for the time. Write soon and fale not. Your sister Sarah Stone and family to Sarah Pickle and family.


1 Word is hard to read. Thought to be "present".

2 Curry is referring to husband Daniel Curry Stone. He was the son of John Liles Stone and Mary Caroline Jaggears. Curry was born April 29, 1845 and died October 19, 1925.

3 I think Sarah Stone is referring Hopie Towery, to the mother of Sarah Lowery Pickle.

4 In this passage, I think Sarah Stones is referring to her own parents, Robert Pickle and Sarah Aldridge. It also appears that Sarah must depend on others to write her letters.

5 Irenia was a daughter of Daniel and Sarah. Irena Bell "Reny" Stone was born in 1873. According to Jack Shotts (2001), Irena married Jacob Jabez Palmer on August 22, 1894.

6. Tryforcia is a daughter of Daniel Curry Stone and Sarah Pickle. Mary Tryphosia Stone was born February 16, 1871. She married John Meredith Akers in around 1891.

7 In this passage Sarah is referring to her mother, Sarah Aldridge Pickle again. It was believed that she died in 1888. However, this letter seems to refute this date.

8 T.A. Lowery is believed to be Thomas Lowery, husband of Elizabeth Pickle. He is a brother of Sarah Lowery Pickle and his wife is a sister of Sarah Pickle Stone. He was born in 1838 and died in 1911.