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Pickle-Lowry Collection

Letter From Sarah Stone

To Sarah Pickle

January 7, 1894

Transcribed and Annotated by Greg Green


                                                                                                               Shottsville Ala

                                                                                                               January the 7 18941

Dear brother and sister I seat my self to drop you a few lines in return of yours I recieved some time ago. Was glad I received her from you. These lines leaves us all well. Hope these lines will come to hand and finde you all enjoying the same pleasure of life. Well Sarah Mart Ritter is ded and Ab Therlkell is did to2. They died in the Indian Ter. and Martha is living with Joe or Wess one or the to. I have not found out for certain wich one yet. Mother 3 and all of the cornections is all well so far as I know and Brother Jake is married4. Sarah this is the hardest times her I ever seen in my life It never rained enough to lay the dust from the 5 of June til a bout the 10 of September. The corn is all dried up and did not make much and the cotton is as sorry as the corn. Ton tell Tom Lowry to write to me and I will send him mine and Currys picture5. I would send them now but Iv not herd from him in over a year and I dont know whether he has moved or not. I dont know where to send them to Robert. I will send you my picture in this letter and let you see how your old Aunt looks. It was taken the 6 of this month. Napoleon said to tell Napoleon he would send him his picture and let him see how he looks. Robert me and Napoleon got your picture sometime ago. Napoleon thinks that Napoleons picture is just like him. Sarah I will give you all the price of some things. Flour is $ 3 and 30 cts per barrel. Corn is 60 cets per burshel. Coffee is 25 cets per pound. Sugar 20 lbs to the dollar. Shall close for this time so write soon as you get this letter. From Sarah Stone and family to Sarah Pickle and family. Goodbye


1 This letter appears to have been identified as having been written in 1884 by an earlier reader. Evidence in the body of the letter suggests that 1894 is the correct date. Napoleon Pickle, son of Sarah and Tom Pickle, was born June 23, 1884 and Napoleon Stone, son of Sarah and Curry Stone, was born March 29, 1883. Jacob Pickle married Susan Elizabeth Blaylock August 11, 1893.

2 Mart Ritter is Martin Ritter. He was the husband of Catherine Pickle and he died November 26, 1893. Ab Therkell is Thomas Abner Thirlkill. He was the husband of Martha J. Pickle. It is not clear when he died. Catherine and Martha are older sister of Sarah Pickle Stone and Thomas Pickle, husband of Sarah Pickle.

3 The word mother is underlined three times.

4 This is Jacob Pickle He is another sibling of Thomas Pickle and Sarah Stone. He married Susan Elizabeth Blaylock August 11, 1893.

5 I think the Sarah Stone is telling her brother Thomas Pickle to have Thomas Lowry to write. This Tom Lowry would be the brother of Sarah Lowry Pickle, the recipient of this letter. His wife Elizabeth is another sibling of Thomas Pickle and Sarah Stone.